The NCEM has the following keyboard instruments available for hire:

Single manual harpsichord after Michael Mietke c.1710 (German)
Maker: Colin Booth, 1998
Compass: GG – e3
Strung at A 415 Hz, transposes up a semitone
8 ft + 8 ft + buff
Size 218 x 90 x 24 cm
Painted in red (stand separate)

Double manual harpsichord after Goermans-Taskin 1783 (Franco-Flemish)
Maker: Michael Johnson, 1997
Working compass at A 415 and A 440 Hz: FF – ff3
(no bottom FF at A 392 Hz)
Strung at A 415 Hz, transposing up and down a semitone
Two 8 ft choirs, plus a 4 ft + buff
Size 247 x 102 x 30 cm
Lacquered in dark red and decorated with gold leaf
in the French 18th century style (stand separate)

Fortepiano after J. Fritz 1820 (Viennese)
Maker: Dennis Woolley, 1998
Compass: 61/2 octaves (CC – f4)
Pitch A 430 Hz (Note: cannot be tuned to modern concert pitch)
Size 246 x 125 x 90 cm (stand separate)

Chamber organ
Maker: Peter Collins, 1995
Three-stop continuo organ (Wood Gedact 8, Flute 4, Principal 2)
Compass: CC – g (56 notes)
With transposer (one semitone higher or lower from A 440)
Oak case
Size 3 ft 7 in (height) x 3 ft 6 in (width) x 1 ft 9 in (depth)

6' 6'' Grand piano
Maker: Bosendorfer, 1999
Tuned to modern pitch A 440

Please note that it is not possible to hire either the grand piano or fortepiano for external use. See the information pack below for details about our hire rates. For external hires, the hirer is also responsible for arranging transport, insurance and all associated tuning costs.

To organise instrument hire, please contact Dr Christopher Roberts, our Operations Manager on 01904 632220 or email

For full details about hiring instruments from the NCEM, download our instrument hire pack