The NCEM is passionate about the positive effects the arts have on our overall health and wellbeing. We are committed to researching and developing projects that will make a positive impact on our wider community. 

Arts and Health Advocacy

The NCEM has been working alongside medical professionals (including trainees), health and wellbeing researchers and community musicians, to share experience and knowledge surrounding the benefits the creative arts have on our health and wellbeing. This has involved workshops and seminars at the NCEM, including opportunities for the general public to come to open, interative seminars too. 

York Hospital Project

Most recently we have teamed up with our EEEmerging+ ensemble Palisander and the team at York Hospital to say thank you to NHS staff for everything they've done during the Covid-19 crisis. Palisander filmed a special programme of uplifting and calming music for staff to watch on the hospital's Culture Club webpage, which has been newly designed to provide inspiring arts and creative activities to support staff wellbeing. You can watch this at


As a member of the Culture and Wellbeing Consortium we took part in the city wide evaluation of arts and health projects in 2019, where we evaluated our own singing for health group, Cuppa & A Chorus. You can see some of the findings on our dedicated Cuppa page

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The NCEM is available to hire for anniversaries, birthday parties, wedding receptions, conferences, dinners and musical events.