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Event 17: Lutes 'n' Ukes

Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, University of York
Tuesday 9 July 7:30pm

Adults £25.00 | Concessions £20.00 | Students £5.00

Please note that row A is the back row and row H is the front row.

Theatre of the Ayre vs The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

Elizabeth Kenny, Jacob Heringman, David Miller, Clara Sanabras lutes
George Hinchliffe, Nick Browning, Hester Goodman, David Bowie ukes

The Devil at the Crossroads: Robert Johnson(s)

Gatherings of plucked instruments have delighted, amazed and irritated in equal measure for centuries. The vogue for 'twangling instruments' in the masquing halls of 17th-century England and the ukulele boom at whose apex sits The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain were just waiting to be connected… and the realisation that one of Anne Boleyn's court musicians, Shakespeare's lute player, and one of the most inspired blues singer-guitarists of the last century were all called Robert Johnson and share a common plucked chordal language, set us off on a journey of the Johnsons. Fantasy, myth, and a dose of the neglected history of plucked instruments – a unique collaboration!

"A crack-squad of top instrumentalists.” Gramophone

"Most people have to die before they become immortal. These ukulele superstars have no such worries.” New Musical Express