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Curiouser and Curiouser

From 26 May - 16 July, we are inviting younger visitors (aged 5 - 11) and their families to join us in Beverley Minster and to pick up a discovery pack entitled 'Curiouser and Curiouser' to learn about Petrus Alamire's double life as a spy for Henry VIII.

They will be able to collect a rucksack from the Minster Shop, packed with activities and resources to help explore the Through the Looking Glass exhibition and the Minster itself.
A folder in the pack contains information and ten activity ideas. Children can choose an activity they like the sound of, and use the resources in the rucksack to delve deeper into the world of a music scribe and illuminator.
1. Funny faces

2. Renaissance dingbats

3. Musician expedition

4. Say it with flowers

5. Saint spotting

6. Coats of arms

7. Illuminated initials

8. Musical mysteries

9. Secret spying mission

10. Animals, birds and minibeasts

There are many exciting resources to help children on their journeys of discovery including:
  • Binoculars for studying the Minster
  • A magnifying glass for looking closely at the manuscripts
  • Chime bars for playing some of the tunes in the manuscripts
  • Pens and pencils for making your own illuminations
Here are examples of some of the pages:

The pack has been created by the National Centre for Early Music with funding from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.